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Think back to your very best sports memories. For an overwhelming majority of us, chances are these great memories were made because of the people you were with, and the joy and freedom with which you played. In fact… chances are pretty high that these memories were made on your own driveway, yard, playground or park, free from the trappings and empty promises of the modern youth sports landscape. That’s what the image of the “Red Ball” is all about!

In today’s over-scheduled, adult controlled, intense youth sports environment, Red Ball Nation exists to help restore the joy of sport and physical activity to our young people. We believe this is done through by creating and nurturing an equitable, inclusive, low cost, low pressure environment built around skill development, self confidence, and encouraging a lifelong desire to be active.


We help local champions and organizations develop and deliver practical programming strategies that increase access, improve program quality, engage & motivate stakeholders and better fulfill the physical, emotional and educational needs of the children they serve.

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We’re connected with amazing youth sports organizations across North America, and can help you find a program for your family! These orgs are committed to providing kids with the opportunity to have fun, develop new skills and shape their own sports journey!

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We love to bring the message of inclusive, high quality programs to organizations, conferences, parent groups, coaching groups, and anyone looking to improve the youth sports ecosystem in their own community. But MORE importantly, we connect the WHY with the HOW, with practical, actionable steps that can be implemented TODAY!

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We produce articles, podcasts, webinars and presentations, designed to take you past the WHY, and towards the HOW. There’s more than enough talk in today’s youth sports world… Our content goes beyond the talk, and focuses on the practical steps you can take to DELIVER in YOUR community.

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